Raku Collection

This collection’s identity and inspiration pays homage to the Spanish word for Palace and there’s no mistaking why, with its regal aesthetic.
The intricate designs that make up this line of luxurious surfaces is inspired by the grand palaces and castles where much of Europe’s royalty once resided. Within those walls, the finest compositions of

stone, metal, and wood was used to create a cohesive warmth that encapsulated the lives of kings and queens. Each piece of wood, metal and stone is delicately inlaid into a carved base stone and then hand polished to create exquisite surfaces, perfect for modern day interiors.

Mastering the craft

Prometheus discovered fire, its enthralling power and unpredictable affinity for destruction. The Japanese art of Raku, took it a step forward and used fire’s potential to create eternal beauty. Intense colours and unpredictable patterns open up a world of creative possibilities. 



Hand Made Ceramic


Copper Oxide


Interior wall, Bathroom wall, Backsplash

Available sizes (mm)

75 X 150, 200 X 100, Custom size possible on request